Sam Lewis performs Everything’s Going to Be Different and Virginia Avenue [audio]


sam-lewisSam Lewis moved to Nashville via Knoxville with dreams of playing with the best songwriters in music. Seven years later, he is able to say that Will Kimbrough, Darrell Scott, and Kenny Vaughan have all been essential in creating his most recent release, Waiting On You. Produced by Oliver Wood of the Wood Brothers, Waiting on You has become well-loved in the Nashville community. All aspiring songwriters dream of writing a song on a porch in east Nashville and playing it opening for Chris Stapleton at the Ryman. Sam Lewis has done it, yet is still humble and passionate. Listen to Sam Lewis chat with Dan Buckley and then perform “Everything’s Going to Be Different” and “Virginia Avenue” on 100.1 FM.

Click here to listen to the full interview.


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