Thanks for joining the BETA version of Lightning 100’s Backstage Pass. With your help, we will improve the program and keep 100.1 FM on the air. If you do not see something on this FAQ, please send us a message with your question, comment, or suggestions.


I’m not seeing the stream.

Please make sure you are signed in to view the stream. Members have access to the stream at the VIP STREAMER, BACKSTAGE, OR ALL ACCESS levels.

The stream shuts off after my phone goes to sleep mode.

We are currently having issues with Google Chrome on iPhones and Androids. Please download Safari to listen to our stream without interruptions.

The stream cuts off in the car.

Please turn Wifi off while listening in the car. Your phone can pickup weak wifi signals and interrupt the stream.

Forgot Password

Please visit the login page, found at the top of the website. Click “Forgot Password” on this page. You will receive an email from Lightning100 ([email protected]) within 1-5 minutes. Check spam if not received. Enter your new password, and then sign into Lightning100.com.