Yoga On My Green RSVP


We’re glad you want to start your day with us! Hot Yoga of East Nashville is going to help us center our mind and bodies as we roll into a celebratory Labor Day weekend of fun, family, and great music. Yoga On My Green is made possible by our sustainability partner, Piedmont Natural Gas.

To register, simply enter your information in the form below. Upon completion, you’ll receive a meeting ID and password along with instructions for how to join our Zoom sessions with just a couple quick clicks.

Class Schedule

  1. Thursday, September 3 @ 7:30AM CT (POWER FLOW WITH JEN MCCARTER)
  2. Friday, September 4 @7:30AM CT (POWER FLOW WITH MATT BRENNAN)
  3. Saturday, September 5 @10:00AM CT (POWER FLOW WITH EMILY YOUNG)
  4. Sunday, September 6 @9:00AM CT (POWER FLOW WITH BROOKE ALLISON)