Billy Strings — “Dig a Little Deeper”: Local Artist of the Week


For this week’s Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week, we highlight a singer who can put a new spin on a country standard like no one else. In the hands of Nashville’s Billy Strings, The Oak Ridge Boys’ classic tune “Dig a Little Deeper in the Well” teems with new life, taking on a decidedly bluegrass direction. The resulting increase in intensity brings a jolt of energy to the meandering banjo and fiddle lines that define Strings’ recording of this classic song.

On his new album Me / And / Dad, Strings chose a set of songs that his father had used in order to teach him how to play the guitar as a young child, and the father-son duo recorded each song together. A collaboration nearly thirty years in the making, this album sees Strings revisiting his childhood and his connection to family in a unique way, as he shows deep respect for his father’s musicianship by placing him on center stage. Dive into the beautiful world of the Strings family band by listening to “Dig a Little Deeper” below!

Tune in to 100.1 FM and all week to hear “Dig a Little Deeper (In the Well)” by Billy Strings, our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week.