Sturgill Simpson – Full Set at Nashville Sunday Night on 3-1-15

Lightning 100 was pretty excited to get Sturgill Simpson on Nashville Sunday Night.  Sturgill quickly sold out two nights over at 3rd and Lindsley.  Nashville Sunday Night is WRLT's oldest running live broadcast featuring national...

Strand of Oaks – Full Set at Nashville Sunday Night

Strand of Oaks graced the stage at Third and Lindsley for this week's Nashville Sunday Night. Their new album takes the undertones of electronic rock from previous releases and pushes them to the forefront....

Fly Golden Eagle – Full Set at Nashville Sunday Night

%CODE1% Fly Golden Eagle took the stage this Sunday night to perform their own unique brand of basement rock and roll. Born in Detroit with Kentucky lineage, lead singer Ben Trimble was destined to front...

Nashville Sunday Night – JOHNNYSWIM performing “Home” and “Diamonds”

Said to embody the “tradition of the well-traveled singer-songwriter while cultivating a modern style that’s uniquely their own”, Johnnyswim made waves at Lightning 100’s Nashville Sunday Night, Live from 3rd & Lindsley. Abner Ramirez and...

Nashville Sunday Night – LP performing “Night Like This” and “Tokyo Sunset”

“What I love about Nashville is that there’s such a sense of family here,” claims Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter LP (Laura Pergolizzi) as she sits in Nashville’s own Peter Nappi, a premium Tuscan leather footwear...

Luella & The Sun live at Nashville Sunday Night

%CODE1% While checking out our numbers on soundcloud, we noticed a huge bump in listens and comments on our last Nashville Sunday Night featuring Luella & the Sun!  Check out what everyone is talking about....

Bronze Radio Return at Nashville Sunday Night

%CODE1% Live from 3rd and Lindsley, Nashville Sunday Night presents Bronze Radio Return on February 17th, 2013.

Jeremy Lister live at Nashville Sunday Night

%CODE1% Live at 3rd and Lindsley at Nashville Sunday Night, Jeremy Lister performs live on November 4th, 2012.