Nashville Sunday Night – JOHNNYSWIM performing “Home” and “Diamonds”

Said to embody the “tradition of the well-traveled singer-songwriter while cultivating a modern style that’s uniquely their own”, Johnnyswim made waves at Lightning 100’s Nashville Sunday Night, Live from 3rd & Lindsley. Abner Ramirez and...

Nashville Sunday Night – LP performing “Night Like This” and “Tokyo Sunset”

“What I love about Nashville is that there’s such a sense of family here,” claims Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter LP (Laura Pergolizzi) as she sits in Nashville’s own Peter Nappi, a premium Tuscan leather footwear...

Luella & The Sun live at Nashville Sunday Night

%CODE1% While checking out our numbers on soundcloud, we noticed a huge bump in listens and comments on our last Nashville Sunday Night featuring Luella & the Sun!  Check out what everyone is talking about....

Bronze Radio Return at Nashville Sunday Night

%CODE1% Live from 3rd and Lindsley, Nashville Sunday Night presents Bronze Radio Return on February 17th, 2013.

Jeremy Lister live at Nashville Sunday Night

%CODE1% Live at 3rd and Lindsley at Nashville Sunday Night, Jeremy Lister performs live on November 4th, 2012.