Samia — “Show Up”: DJ Pick of the Week


Indie rocker Samia returned this month with her new single “Show Up,” a loyal ode to the people she loves: her friends, her family, and even her favorite musicians. The song recalls the feeling of leaning on friends for support, questioning the path you’ve chosen for yourself, and the (very real) healing qualities that can come from listening to indie pop group MUNA at dawn. “Show Up” is Melissa’s DJ Pick of the Week!

In “Show Up,” laidback guitars strum alongside a soft piano throughout the verses. However, the chorus drops to reveal the heavier sound that Samia often leans towards. With her pure, silky vocals, she vows to never stop “showing up to sing another song for the people I love.” It’s an exciting taste of what’s to come when the rest of the EP, Scout, drops on July 23rd.

The music video looks as dreamy as the song feels. Samia sings it surrounded by colorful lights, projections, and video footage of her friends. Check it out below!

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