I believe it is my responsibility as a Chicagoan to bring some extra edge to Nashville on Sunday nights when I get to talk to myself and play music I love. I like to do this by complaining about the weather, swapping out Coldplay songs for Smashing Pumpkins or relating song titles to my life
i.e. “Here’s a song about my experience so far on Tinder – Ghost, from Sister Sparrow, on Lightning 100”.

When I’m not complaining, I’m lauding over the local Nashville bands that I love. Before working at Lightning 100, I was already going to local shows monthly.

After I began working at the station, I made it my mission to go to at least one local show every week, so I would have a new band to talk to listeners about every Sunday.

ARTISTS hit me up if you want me to catch your show!

When I’m not talking at lovely Lightning 100 listeners, I’m working events for THE River Queen, Annie Klaver — or dancing & screaming on some innocent, Nashville stage with my rock band, Pepper Said.