About Us

Team Lightning is the lifestyle initiative of Lightning 100 (WRLT 100.1 FM), Nashville’s Independent Radio! Through hands on events, activities and workshops, Team Lightning is an opportunity for listeners to engage with the station and the community. These events will encompass one of the five tenets of the Lightning Lifestyle: wellness, sustainability, community service, adventure, and listener socials.

Team Lightning is your source for new and creative ways to spend your free time, whether it’s an extreme adventure, leisurely hike, volunteer opportunity, or social gathering. Discovering new ways to appreciate our environment while meeting other outdoor enthusiasts are among the benefits of stepping outdoors. Team Lightning can help you take that step!

Our activities provide opportunities to experience nature and fitness in educational and challenging ways. Over 250 events are posted on our calendar annually. Each event includes a difficulty rating, children policy, dog policy and weather policy so that participants can make a well informed decision as to whether or not the activity is right for them. We welcome participants without regard to past experience, age, or ability level (unless otherwise stated in the “difficulty” rating). By simply being outdoors and seeing the beauty of our natural surroundings, we hope to inspire a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle!

Our History

Team Lightning (originally named the Green Team, then updated to Team Green Adventures) was created in 1996 as an environmental promotion through Lightning 100,  to create awareness among our listeners about environmental concerns. The concept became an actual department of Lightning 100 after a cleanup effort on the Harpeth River received unexpected support from our audience. The idea of creating monthly events that linked together a sense of community with adventure made the program boom instantly. For over eleven years (1996-2007) Team Green was a “club” for adventure-seeking listeners with an enthusiasm for volunteerism. By 2008 the program transformed from a club to a community calendar that featured not only Team Lightning’s unique adventures, but also community events, festivals, and classes from partner organizations. In 2009 the program became known as Team Green Adventures to highlight the diversity of events and activities. Then in 2018, to further promote the relationship with the radio station, they named it Team Lightning to be our Lightning Lifestyle initiative!

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