Is this a singles group?

No! We connect individuals who have a passion for the outdoors with other adventure-seeking Lightning 100 listeners, but Team Lightning is not a singles group. We simply want to get Nashvillians active and involved in the community, without regard to age, gender, experience, income or marital status. If at the end of an event you walk away with new friendships, a new relationship, a new career connection, or a new outlook on life, that’s an added perk!




What is a good first-time event?

ANY of our events are great for first-time adventure seekers! It really depends on what you want out of your first experience.

  • Do you want to ease into it and socialize before getting active? Come to a Social , Nutrition Workshop, Gear Workshop or Engage Green Workshop!
  • Do you want to socialize while being active? Come to our Sand Volleyball, Indoor Rock Climbing, or a Beginner Day Hike.
  • Do you want to learn a new skill? Sign up for an “Intro” adventure, beginner-friendly bike ride, beginner backpacking trip or volunteer event!
  • Do you want get active but are not really looking for a social experience? Sign up for a Fitness Workshop, Yoga in the Park, or Paddling Event.



Will I fit in if I don’t know anyone?

You bet! Most Team Lightning participants are charismatic and easy to talk with. Everyone was new at some point, so they know how you feel! If you don’t know anyone, just say “Hey, I’m new!” and you’ll be sure to find a welcoming group to take you in. Plus, a Team Lightning Volunteer Trip Leader will be around to help introduce you to others.

Each of our events draw a different type of crowd, and no one event represents the full diversity of our audience! Attend several events to meet different types of people.



Am I too old to participate?

Team Lightning has an audience as diverse as the Lightning 100 listening audience. If you want to get active and meet other active people, your age does not matter! Each event will reflect a unique combination of age and experience levels. Over 85% of our audience is between the age of 21-50, and we have some 65 year olds who can out-hike them all!

In general, our participants fall within the following age demographics:

35.9% Ages 21-29 years
31.5% Ages 30-39 years
16.7% Ages 40-49 years

We believe that how you feel is so much more relevant than how old you are!



Can kids attend the events?

Each event posting has a “Children Policy” which specifies the appropriate age limit based on safety factors and outfitter regulations. For any event open to participants under the age of 18, parental participation is required. We courage parents and children to experience the outdoors together. Under no circumstances may children be dropped off during a Team Lightning event.

“But,” you might exclaim, “the children policy says 16 and up by my 13 year old is more experienced than I am!” It’s OK to ask about exceptions if your kid is already experienced and has an above average maturity level!

Please note that if the event does not have “Family” in the title (ie. Family Indoor Rock Climbing, Family Camping, Family Day Hike), very rarely do other kids attend. Parents who register their kids for any event without “Family” in the title should let their kids know it’s a Parent/Child bonding experience and not to expect other kids.



Can dogs attend Team Lightning events?

Each event has a “Dog Policy,” stating whether or not dogs are permitted at the event. Some will say “friendly dogs on leashes welcome” while some say “dogs welcome, but not encouraged” or “dogs not permitted at this event.”

If you have dog allergies or a fear of dogs and are concerned about attending an event in which dogs are welcome, please contact your trip leader to discuss your concerns. We can ensure that dogs do not stay in the same accommodations as you, and can work with the pet owner to ease any anxieties you might have.



Can I see who else is attending an event?

Team Lightning sets ourselves apart from other social outdoors groups because we do not make a public display of who is attending each events. We encourage participants to sign up for the adventures that interest them because of the nature of the adventure, not because of who else is attending.

We will not share a list of participants with other participants, however some events are posted on our Team Lightning Facebook Group, allowing participants to RSVP. Event postings with a Facebook component will have a link to the Facebook Event so you can also RSVP, see who else is attending and invite your own friends to attend. These events typically include indoor rock climbing, Socials, Sand Volleyball, and Yoga in the Park.



How do I register for events?

It depends on the event! The bottom of each event posting will explain how to register. Typically participants register through our website by clicking the “Register Here” button at the top of the page. Some events require no registration at all, so participants can just show up. Some events encourage RSVP through a Google Form (especially for our Workshops).



How many people attend Team Lightning events?

Our events vary in size based on the type of activity. Weekly Indoor Climbing and our Monthly Workshops will generally draw 5-20 participants, while weekly Sand Volleyball and Yoga in the Park can draw 45-75 participants. Team Lightning Socials draw 35-150 guests. Otherwise, each event posting includes a group size limit. We prefer to keep our hikes and backpacking trips to 15 or less, our volunteer events are to 25 or less, and all other adventures will depend on the availability of gear or supplies.

We believe that groups of 25 or more become too large for everyone to get to know one another. We prefer to post several events for small groups, rather than only a few events for large groups.



How far does Team Lightning travel?

Our weekday events are Nashville-centric, and are typically hosted at venues around Davidson or Williamson County. On the weekends, our day trips are usually no more than a two hour drive of Nashville, with the exception of a few unique excursions like horseback riding, white water rafting, or hangliding. Sometimes we’ll venture to recreational areas near the Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia for overnight event. Once a year we will do an international trip too!



Can Team Lightning accommodate my needs?

We will certainly try! If you have a physical disability and want to join a specific event, feel free to call us at (615) 242-5600 to discuss your needs with the Community Engagement Coordinator. Our ability to accommodate special needs may depend on the outfitter we hire for our trip or the venue we are traveling to, but we will be happy to investigate options for you!

If you are registering for a weekend trip in which meals are included, please let us know if you have any food allergies or dietary preferences including gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan. We will do everything we can to accommodate your requests.


Why do I need to sign an eWaiver?

Each Team Lightning event has it’s own level of risk. eWaivers need to be signed to show that our participants are aware of the risk associated with each event type. By signing the waiver, it also let’s us know that you’re properly receiving event communications from us (that your email address is correct in our system). Finally, through the eWaiver you can designate an emergency contact, so we’ll have that information on file for you during the events you attend. A link to our eWaiver can be found in the event confirmation emails, and also in the “Important Links” section of our website.