Showcased Event

Beer, Bands and Bingo

Join Lightning 100 for an old school game, with a new school twist! It's Beer, Bands and Bingo at Tin Roof Nashville every Tuesday from 7:30-10:30pm. Make sure to come out play bingo for the chance to win some pretty awesome prizes.  Make sure to take advantage of drink specials from Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy and Stoli Premium Vodka.

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You have Reservations with Chef Alain Treville

Dish of the Day


Spring Farm chicken liver patee with a bit of pork added inside, flavored with tygon and challots.

Salad made with a mix of five different types of artisan salads that compliment each other. Add sweet pickle bits, cherry tomatoes, purple basil pesto, smoked salmon, cured with apple woods, hochvoc cheese (incorrect spelling of a type of french cheese that is difficult to pronounce/spell), poached eggs with fresh baguette on the side.


Beef Tartere – similar to beef tenderloin, it’s a tender beef dish often found in Persian restaurants. Served with toasted bri with honey to go with baguette on the side.

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Nodaway debuts “Hairspray”

Get Your Nodaway Hairspray Today!

Once upon a time, there was an 11 year old boy who wrote poems and songs. He lived in Ohio and listened to Styx on repeat. After a very successful run in the high school world of competitive acapella, Chris Jobe packed his bags to attend Belmont University- where eventually Nodaway began.

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Caption Contest: Half Christmas Beer Fest

Leave a caption on the photo above for a chance to win two tickets to Lightning 100’s Half Christmas Beer Fest presented by Edley BBQ at Riverwood Mansion on July 31st.

Is the summer heat drain your holiday cheer?  Refill your spirit(or at least half of it) with Lightning 100 at the 2nd Annual Half-Christmas Beer Fest at Riverwood Mansion on July 31st!  Make sure to bring your Santa hat, elf ears, tacky sweater(or cut it into summer sweater), moose mug, miss Clause outfit and half holiday cheer!  Lightning 100 will have some special holiday DJs, karaoke, and dance floor to help you cut a rug.



Dr. Dog performs “Turning the Century,” “Too Weak To Ramble,” and “I Hope There’s Love”

Dr. Dog stopped by the Lightning 100 studio to perform “Turning the Century” from 2012 album Be the Void, “I Hope There’s Love” from 2007 album We All Belong, and “Too Weak To Ramble” from the 2013 album B-Room.  Click here to listen to the full audio.

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