Jessie Baylin Performs “Thats the Way” and “Time is a Healer” – Live from the Studio


Jessie Baylin stopped by the Studio this morning to celebrate the release of her new album, “Jersey Girl.” Baylin, originally from New Jersey, is now a Nashville-based singer-songwriter. Jessie Baylin performs “That’s the Way” and “Time is a Healer” live on the air.

“Jersey Girl” has been a culmination of 4 years of hard work for Baylin. She said that she wanted to give herself time to explore, and find a natural rhythm with her production team.

She chatted with Mel all about the album’s ins and out. Baylin shared she went back home to New Jersey to get some inspiration. Despite the title of her new album, Baylin says she has always run from her title as a “Jersey girl”. But, after heading home to be creative she has found such comfort in the title. Her new album reflects everything that makes Jessie, Jessie!

Jessie Baylin will be back in Music City on Nashville for a show at the Basement East on November 15th.

Jessie Baylin performs “That’s the Way” and “Time is a Healer” live from the Studio! You can watch the full performance below!

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