Jacy Zay – “No Name Superstar”: Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week


Mel’s DJ pick this week is “No Name Superstar” by Nashville native Jacy Zay. The artist released “No Name Superstar” as the first track off of her EP that’s expected later this year. Although her solo project is finally approaching the spotlight, Jacy is no stranger to the scene. After performing with Jackson Bruck & The Dukes of Hume, she is well ready for her individual debut.

The track starts small with a flowing guitar melody but is quickly met with swinging drums and layers of rhythmic electric guitar. Her voice as the conductor, the upbeat pop-melody is complimented by her country-ranging vocal tones and natural vibrato. With lyrics like, “every fool in the room is soon gonna know who you are/ you’re a no-name superstar,” her gentle tenacity is peaking through. The artist sings passionately as she strides firmly toward making her name known.

Listen to “No Name Superstar” by Jacy Zay below! Look out for the rest of the EP coming later this year.

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