The Thing With Feathers – “Everything I’m Missing”: Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week


Mel’s DJ pick of the week is “Everything I’m Missing” by The Thing With Feathers! Released on January 20, 2023, “Everything I’m Missing” is the fourth single on their upcoming EP.

As a local band, The Thing With Feathers creates all the good alt-rock and indie-pop vibes right here in Nashville. The band consists of David Welcsh (vocals), Alex Hendricks (lead guitar), and Chris Roussell (drums).

Hendricks describes the upcoming EP as “less conceptual and more just like, ‘shut up and play the hits.’ It’s a pretty balanced EP.” Welcsh adds, “we were living this debaucherous life of being in a band in our 20s in Nashville. It was just a fun summer, and so the songs are about that presence and the youthfulness of it.” “Everything I’m Missing” perfectly expresses the youthfulness of this record. Reminiscent of bands such as All Time Low, Kings of Leon, and Coldplay, The Thing With Feathers pays tribute to the pop-rock genre we all especially love during our teen/young adult years.

The chorus states: “Lately I’m drawn to this constant commotion. I can’t afford to start to settle down. And I’m kind of freaking out.” When you’re a teen/young adult you want to live in the fast lane and do as much as you can, while you can. You don’t want to experience the fear of missing out, so you chase your dreams and make mistakes because that’s just what young people do. Hit with waves of nostalgia, this song will make you want to dance around in your room screaming the lyrics.

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