Colony House brings awareness to their fundraising efforts with Exist for Good


DJ Mel interviewed local artist Colony House at Bonnaroo 2023. Under the hot June sun, the band discussed their newest album The Cannonballers, the Exist for Good campaign, and their Bonnaroo Debut.

The new record, released this past February, is a surf-rock masterpiece. Showcasing Colony House’s incredible songwriting, they created a 11-track album that features up-beat tunes to mellow hits. The variety of songs features the band’s classic sound with a twist. The Cannonballers has a unique sound, similar to a modern-pop version of The Beach Boys. It created a new musical landscape for the group and it’s exciting to see where the band goes next.

The Exist for Good Campaign started soon after the album release. In response to the earthquakes that struck Syria and Turkey in February, this project aims to help those who are in need. The fund has been growing since the beginning of their tour, with close to $50,000 raised, the number is only on the rise. Those affected by the natural disaster will receive these donations to provide basic necessities. For only $5 a month, you can help people in need. Learn more about the campaign or donate here.

Check out the full interview below!