Cory Wong Tells All About Bonnaroo’s Syndicated Superjam


DJ Mel got the opportunity to interview the multitalented artist, Cory Wong, backstage at Bonnaroo. Ahead of his busy three set weekend, Wong talked on about his upcoming album, the spirit of collaboration, and the curated lineup at Superjam.

The Lucky One is the highly anticipated album from the artist set to release on August 18th, 2023. The beautiful backbone of the record is collaboration. Featuring artists like Dodie, Louis Cole, and Ben Rector, Wong continues to shine as both a guitarist and producer. Cory discusses the potential for different music from the collaborators, saying that “…for a lot of artists there are certain things that they would write or record that would be really fun for them, but might not fit in their album.” The Lucky One produced new opportunities for these artists to make music outside of their regular discography.

Bonnaroo was also lucky enough to have the artist play three different sets; including long held tradition, Superjam. Wong carefully curated a line-up that helped the artists shine in their own right. With a variety of covers of hits from Steely Dan, Earth Wind and Fire & more, the set was performed by a multitude of talented musicians. This included a powerful duet between Remi Wolf and Theo Katzman singing “Tell Me Something Good” to conclude the jam. Backed with a 12-piece band, he hosted an incredible show that was not one to miss.

Watch the full interview below and learn more about the album, Bonnaroo, and in-depth pizza debate!