girlhouse – “worth it”: Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week


Mel’s DJ Pick of the week is “worth it” by girlhouse! Released on March 3, 2023, “worth it” is the latest single from the multitalented person behind it all, Lauren Luiz.

From Portland, Oregon, Luiz originally emerged into the spotlight through acting. You may recognize them from NBC’s hit tv show Grimm as well as the Broadway revival of Spring Awakening. Feeling more at home in the music realm, Luiz created folk-pop trio WILD with Tyler Thompson and Zac DeGaetano. As time went on, Lauren Luiz began writing songs that didn’t fit the WILD sound. With a desire to release this music from a more personal lens, girlhouse was born.

Personally describing their sound as “insecure indie,” girlhouse has a song for every subgenre in the alternative category. From bedroom-pop to alt-rock girlhouse shows their ever-growing talent and range with each release. Mel’s pick “worth it” is an enigma itself. Delicate vocals juxtapose reverberant guitar and resounding drums to create an evocative, sentimental track.

Fueled with feelings of longing, “worth it” is about craving validation and striving to show your value. Caught in a destructive relationship girlhouse said, “I always knew that I could be worthy of love but I had a toxic idea of what loving meant. I’d “fallen in love” with someone who kept telling me I wasn’t enough and yet kept me around.” Lyrics “Let me show you I’m worth it, worth it” and “Do you? Feel that too?” encompass this theme of yearning. Innocent, warm, and extremely relatable “worth it” will have you hitting the replay button until your fingers hurt.

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