Charley Crockett “Solitary Road” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week 

Charley Crockett
Charley Crockett "Solitary Road" - Dan's DJ Pick of the Week

Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Solitary Road” by Charley Crockett! 

Charley Crockett just released his third single from his upcoming album $10 Cowboy. The lead single and title track, “$10 Cowboy,” was released in January; the second – “Hard Luck & Circumstances” – came out in March, and now, his newest, “Solitary Road” dropped earlier this month. 

$10 Cowboy will mark Crockett’s fourteenth career album. Releasing on April 26th, the album is going to be another powerhouse album for the singer-songwriter. His sound is truly an ode to the old country that graced the Grand Ole Opry stage years ago. It’s gritty and features the twangy vocals that country music is known for. 

The album was recorded in Austin, co-produced by Crockett and longtime friend Billy Horton. Each track was recorded live to tape- with anywhere between six and twelve musicians in the booth. It breathes a natural and raw energy into the songs. Set to hit the road this summer, Crockett and his live band will be playing throughout North America from May to August. If these early singles are any indication, these live shows will be electric. 

Listen to “Solitary Road” below! 

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