gglum “Eating Rust” – Steph’s DJ Pick of the Week

gglum "Eating Rust" - Steph's DJ Pick of the Week

Steph’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Eating Rust” by gglum! 

Singer/songwriter Ella Smoker, known as artist gglum, recently debuted on Secretly Canadian with The Garden Dream, a bold, melodic interpolation of indie pop and 90s grunge.

Throughout the 13-song LP, Smoker harnesses the grit of essential grunge bands Elastica and The Breeders while maintaining a modern sensibility. Her lyrics are sharp, memorable and enticingly youthful. 

When writing The Garden Dream, “Eating Rust” came first for Smoker. The track concisely explores desperation for love and approval.

To Smoker, “Eating Rust” is “deliberately wrong and imperfect,” which gives the album a vulnerable edge. Smoker’s pure, doubled vocals stand above distorted guitars and punchy drumbeats.

She sets the scene for a toxic relationship by singing “Hold me in the palm of your hand on the sofa / You told me I’m not good enough / You’re moving up onto better.

The verses feature a steady build until the song spills with a full, warm feel.

Smoker simply sings “I’ve been eating rust / You burn me into dust” in succinct, memorable choruses.

“Eating Rust” captures Smoker’s eclectic, charmingly relatable flair and makes gglum an artist to watch. 

Listen to “Eating Rust” below!

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