Diamond Carter – Santa Cruz


Local artist of the week Diamond Carter is songwriter Tyler Tuohy on vocals and guitar, Cameron Black on saxophone, keyboard and back-up vocals, Josh Cropper on bass guitar and Trevor Hunnicutt on drums.

Currently based in Nashville, Diamond Carter began in 2012 in Southern California as the house band for the infamous LA underground club, ‘The Overpass.’ Their sound originated from Tuohy’s attraction to the 60’s revivalist groups that were sprouting out of Orange County during that period. Their stage antics were shaped by the people and stories that were part of that underground scene that summer and the band’s first record, ‘Pink Balloon,’ released on September 19, 2012, became a snapshot glimpse into the chaotic, early-twenties mindset of the Hollywood/Silverlake scene during that brief moment.

Listen to their new single “Santa Cruz” all week exclusively on Lightning 100. See them live this week at Friday Afternoon Live at Soulshine!