Diamond Carter – California Love


Good morning, folks! Adam here with my DJ pick of the week from local project Diamond Carter. I’m a big fan when artists branch out and try new sounds and with “California Love,” Tyler Tuohy is doing just that.

Diamond Carter is the alter ego of Orange County native and notorious (if not infamous) Nashvillian, Tyler Tuohy. His most recent album, Moon Paradise Vol. I is Tuohy’s latest experience in his ever-evolving sound self-identified as “Tropical Vampire Music.” As Tuohy looks to drop Moon Paradise Vol. II on Oct. 12, he is gaining a reputation as a producer and DJ. With the support of the reps at Roland, Tuohy is confident the rest of the country will hear him soon, whether it’s his self-titled genre, or his newly produced tracks for other major artists.

Listed to “California Love” below and let us know what you think!