Hangout Music Fest Coverage 2013


After cleaning all of the sand out of our camera lenses, tripods, computers(some how), and other places we don’t care to mention, Lightning 100 is able to start posting our backstage performances at 2013 Hangout Music Fest.  Nashville artists were definitely representing at the festival this year performing at small/major stages and even the shuttle buses.  The Nashville lineup included Moon Taxi, The Kingston Springs, Chancellor Warhol, The Weeks, Luella and the Sun, Josh Farrow, Wild Cub, The Wild Feathers, and a few others that were just enjoying the festival.  Click here to check out photos from the festival!  We’ve got more backstage performances coming!

the-kingston-springsjosh-farrow-hangout-music-festchancellor-warhol-hangout-music-fest luella-and-the-sun-at-hangoutmoon-taxi-hangout-music-fest-2013


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