Alanna Royale performing “18” and “Cop Show”

Alana Royale live

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 Alanna Royale visits the LC studio to talk about her recently release Achilles.  We fit all six members into the studio to perform “18” and “Cop Show”.   Make sure to request Alanna Royale during the615 or lunch request hour if you would like to hear more from this Nashville band.  Click here if you want to hear the full interview with Lt. Dan.

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Check out how we celebrate our independence!

Lightning 100 celebrates our independence at Tin Roof Nashville with our 2nd Annual Independence Rocks show! Check out our highlight reel featuring Brett Dennen, Kyle Andrews, Alanna Royale, Jacob Jones, and John and Jacob.
Music: Kyle Andrews – The Way To Wonder
Filmed and edited by Ben Wright


Alanna Royale – Animal

Lightning 100 debuts “Animal” by Alanna Royale!   Alanna Royale is comprised of 7 members, 6 beards, 3 horns, and 1 lady. This is the only combination that could give you the soul pop (with little bit of rock) sound that has brought this band immediate recognition in the Nashville music scene. Their debut single “Animal” hit the radio waves one week before the release show for their EP “Bless Her Heart” and the response was impressive. The release show was held at one of Nashville’s landmark venues, The Basement and no one would have known by the sold out room of over 275 attendees that this was only the bands 7th performance.

When looking at the resume they have created in such a short amount of time, you can’t help but want to know what the buzz is all about. Alanna Royale first took the stage as a band at The Basement’s New Faces Nite and unknowingly played to some people of notoriety in the crowd who saw that this band was going somewhere, and fast. They immediately gained support, and with in the next five shows had graced the stage at exclusive events such as Communion and East Nashville Underground.
Now 7 shows down, with a hugely successful EP release under their belt, the band is booked solid in the next few months. To kick off February they were named Lightning 100’s Artist of the Week and “Animal” has been in heavy rotation. In such a short time, Nashville is clearly responding to the fresh soul pop sounds of Alanna Royale. They have been invited to play on multiple impressive bills, only adding to the proof that this band is a talent that can stand out in a town swarmed with new acts. The Road to Bonnaroo presented by BMI, East Nashville Underground, and Music City Roots are just a few of their upcoming performances!
What is it exactly that has made this success? Alanna Royale has brought a presence to the stage that is untouchable, and a fresh breath of air. Alanna Quinn-Broadus holds the position of front woman, taking command of her audience. She has an attitude and a mouth that most would rate at least PG-13 but she keeps the crowd laughing with dirty jokes (usually involving at least one of the other band members) and one-liners for days. The connection on stage between bassist Gabriel Golden, guitarist Jared Colby, and drummer Matt Snow is undeniable. The cohesiveness and interaction of the band while on stage sends a strong message to the crowd that everyone is in love with the music they have created. Energy exudes from every member and reels you in. To add a cherry on top, Alanna Royale’s horn section is comprised of Kirk Donovan, Diego Vasquez, and Braxton Nicholas of The Nashville Horns. They bring that extra force that takes this performance over the top. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a horn section?
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the615 1/22/13

Episode29. the615 1/22/13

Local Artist of The Week
The Young International– More of the Same-More of the Same/Vampire Single

Dj Picks
Hammel – Photo Ops – It Make Me Cry  – How To Say Goodbye
Wells – Alex Vucelich- Sunday Morning Music- Howe Gardens

Featured Guest of the Week- Alanna Royale
Alanna Royale– Animal- Bless Her Heart
Alanna Royale’s Pick
Golden Spurs– So Cold- Highway songs

This Just In
Geoff Koch– Pro War- If It Feels Good, Don’t Do it– 5spot Jan27th
Luke Dick– You Who

Bands around town
LuLu Mae-Hey Tom- Tin Roof Thursday 1/24/13 On Tap- 8pm w/ Adam Burrows & Humming House

Among Foes– Better Than Wine- Among Foes


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