Alanna Royale “Run Around” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ pick this week is “Run Around,” the new single from Alanna Royale!

Earlier this month, Lightning 100 got a taste of the new song in a world premiere, stripped down version performed live in the studio. With the song’s official release on Wednesday, May 24, listeners got to hear the whole package, featuring a full instrumental mixed beautifully with Alanna’s masterful vocals. The soul-pop/R&B “Run Around” is amazing at its core and held its own played acoustically. The added instrumentation only enhanced and brought to life the song’s chilled-out, soulful vibe. The smooth production, set against driving percussion and bright keys, brings the song a perfect balance of energy and relaxed groove.

Although the song is phenomenal throughout, there are standout moments that are an absolute delight to hear listen after listen. Alanna makes hitting high notes sound effortless multiple times throughout “Run Around.” She really lets her emotion break free during the bridge. She shouts “I got a feeling! I really do!” before another triumphant high note taking us home to that final chorus.

Aside from the sound of “Run Around,” Alanna’s songwriting shines on this latest release. It features relatable lyrics about wanting to be with someone despite your fears or what others might say. It’s an anthem for the confident, self-assured yearning of summer love. The line, “I let your hand slip into mine ’cause it feels right” is a perfect example of the feel-good ethos of the song. Just like the music and artistry of Alanna Royale, the sound and themes of “Run Around” are classic and timeless. It’s clear that the #summerofroyale, as Alanna has coined it, has officially begun.

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