Gabe Dixon performing “Even The Rain” – 615 Session

Gabe Dixon performing “Even The Rain” during Lightning 100’s 615 Session. Listen to the full set!


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Your favorite version of “My Favorite”

Gabe Dixon recently visited the Lightning 100 studio before he sold out Nashville Sunday Night at 3rd and Lindsley.  He also performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live in support of his new album One Spark.  Which version do you like better?  Do you like solo Gabe Dixon or with the full band?


Gabe Dixon (NSN highlights – live)

Gabe Dixon returned to Lightning 100’s Nashville Sunday Night broadcast on 9-4-11 to celebrate the release of his new solo album One Spark.  3rd and Lindsley was standing-room-only for Gabe, the biggest crowd for a NSN yet in the newly expanded version of the club.  Saving several old favorites for a 2nd set after the broadcast, the first set was planned to be all new songs from the new album, but near the end, Gabe slipped in “Find My Way” from the 2008 album Gabe Dixon Band, in order to time things out for a big show-ending version of “My Favorite,” the first single from One Spark.  You can listen to those two highlights in the SoundCloud reel below.  The full NSN setlist was:  Strike, Losing You, On A Day Like Today, Release Me, Running On Fumes, (next 4 with Sarah Siskind) Even The Rain, Burn For You, Holiday, Lucky To Be Lost, I Can See You Smile, Perpetual Motion, Find My Way (audio), My Favorite (audio).  After the broadcast, the 3rd and Lindsley audience also got to hear: Five More Hours, Far From Home, More Than It Would Seem, And The World Turned, All Will Be Well, Sirens, ‘Til You’re Gone, Disappear.”


Gabe Dixon – My Favorite (in-studio, live)

Nashville’s own Gabe Dixon is one of our favorites – no pun intended.  On his latest visit to our studio on 9-2-11 to promote his upcoming Nashville Sunday Night appearance on 9-4-11, he brought a portable keyboard and performed his great new song “My Favorite” from his new solo album One Spark.  How do you like the new song?  Can Gabe pull it off live or what?  Are you coming to see him on Nashville Sunday Night at 3rd & Lindsley?

Gabe Dixon - My Favorite (solo acoustic 9-2-11) by Lightning100

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