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After the stellar Sounds Like Summer concert at The Cannery Ballroom last weekend, Lightning 100 and Miller Lite are heading down to Cannery Row yet again to bring you the 5th annual Miller Made Music Showcase, featuring a plethora of great local talent this Saturday night. Just like you, we here at Lightning 100 like to have a good time, which is why the event is totally free for everyone over 21 years of age. All of the bands are completely independent, so bring your friends and come show your support for some of the most exciting acts Nashville has to offer.


64025_10151312410319617_1930965034_nBlackfoot Gypsies

Despite the fact that they met on craigslist, there is nothing shady or uncomfortable about their music. Out of all the two-piece rock bands that call music city home, The Blackfoot Gypsies are certainly the most upbeat bluesmen this town has to offer. This band has been picking up steam in the past year due to their exhilarating live shows and off-the-wall, throwback appearance. Their debut album On the Loose dropped in 2012, and you can see what these guys are all about right here.


The Gills

Had the Beatles stuck around long enough to sport flannel shirts and combat boots, they might have sounded something like The Gills. Moving from Pensacola to their new home base here in Nashville was a good move for this dynamic group of musicians. Having a knack for songwriting that ebbs and flows without sacrificing instrumental chops makes this band an act you do not want to miss. If for whatever reason you find yourself thinking “I really like the Gills, but I wish they would dress in drag more often”, have no fear. You can check out them out sporting sundresses and unshaved legs in their newest music video.


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Levi Weaver – Talk Me Down


Written by Kaitlyn Crocker


Levi Weaver is one of those artists who substantiates our hopes that “Someday I’ll make it big! I’ll get lucky!” And while Levi is definitely one lucky man, he has hoards of talent to back it up.

No one place belongs to Levi, and he belongs to no one place. Small town Texan turned immersed-European turned Nashvillian, Levi doesn’t define his home as a singular place. His “geographical commitment issues” may have spurred him to the road, but he has consciously made the decision to run down it with no backwards glances. Following his heart and marching forward blindly – literally – landed him a six-week tour gig with Imogen Heap and five previously released albums. The blindness I speak of, fear not, is this: I closed my eyes, spun a map, and pointed. This is how Levi pulled his lucky card again and landed in Nashville.

He had so much experience to bring too, after only a span of two years abroad.

When I couldn’t get on another tour, I started booking my own, saving up bus fare and playing around the country. I was in a new country with no professional contacts with musicians or studios… I’m proud that I learned how to work. 

I know England still colors my music. As does Texas. As does Tennessee, now… It’s just the flavor I know how to cook with…

He has put himself in the unique position of starting over new many times. This from-scratch musician has cooked up a homeade career that has turned out to look like a gourmet 5-star meal. His lyrics are “something akin to food. The lyrics are the vitamins and minerals, and the music is the food. You can take the vitamins by themselves, and they’re still effective (poetry) and you can eat things that have no nutritional value (brainless pop music) but they are just so much better when they come as a team.

Levi’s far and wide search for his sound and his soul’s niche therein might not have always left him feeling full, but he is certainly satisfied with where he has come.

When I lived in a small town in Texas, I remember feeling like “I think I know where I want to be, but I can’t see any bridge that leads there”. I was — like, seeing a bridge but not being able to cross it would be frustrating, but this was something else altogether. Something like despair, I think. Moving to England was, in a sense, the experience that showed me that no one else was going to build that bridge for me, but hey – here are a bunch of materials and – no blueprint, but here’s a book about leverages and engineering, so… your move, pal. I mean, you absolutely need other people, and no one person can do everything that a career needs to be successful, but you can’t just sit back and expect it to come to you.

Expect his new album to drop some time around October!


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