Miller Made Music Artists



After the stellar Sounds Like Summer concert at The Cannery Ballroom last weekend, Lightning 100 and Miller Lite are heading down to Cannery Row yet again to bring you the 5th annual Miller Made Music Showcase, featuring a plethora of great local talent this Saturday night. Just like you, we here at Lightning 100 like to have a good time, which is why the event is totally free for everyone over 21 years of age. All of the bands are completely independent, so bring your friends and come show your support for some of the most exciting acts Nashville has to offer.


64025_10151312410319617_1930965034_nBlackfoot Gypsies

Despite the fact that they met on craigslist, there is nothing shady or uncomfortable about their music. Out of all the two-piece rock bands that call music city home, The Blackfoot Gypsies are certainly the most upbeat bluesmen this town has to offer. This band has been picking up steam in the past year due to their exhilarating live shows and off-the-wall, throwback appearance. Their debut album On the Loose dropped in 2012, and you can see what these guys are all about right here.


The Gills

Had the Beatles stuck around long enough to sport flannel shirts and combat boots, they might have sounded something like The Gills. Moving from Pensacola to their new home base here in Nashville was a good move for this dynamic group of musicians. Having a knack for songwriting that ebbs and flows without sacrificing instrumental chops makes this band an act you do not want to miss. If for whatever reason you find yourself thinking “I really like the Gills, but I wish they would dress in drag more often”, have no fear. You can check out them out sporting sundresses and unshaved legs in their newest music video.


The Future

            Fresh off the release of their newest single “Haunts”, these dance-rock connoisseurs have been getting crowds moving in venues all over the east coast. From their website and their videos, to their live shows and their recordings every aspect of this band is polished and professional, but don’t think that they don’t like to have a good time. Watch The Future stick it to the man in their music video for the song “Don’t You Dare”, filmed right outside of our Lightning 100 offices.


Bear Cub

            As painful as a bad breakup can be, history has shown that they have lead to some pretty great albums. Luckily for us, we don’t have to endure the broken hearts and sleepless nights to enjoy the fruits of Jesse Hall’s labor. Bear Cub’s 15-track debut album, Good Morning Every Morning, is a raw, emotional folk epic that will certainly strike a chord with listeners. Wearing their beards on their faces and their hearts on their sleeves, Bear Cub are a force to be reckoned with.


Levi Weaver

Having toured extensively with the likes of Imogen Heap and Kid Beyond, calling Levi Weaver a singer/songwriter doesn’t exactly do his innovative performances justice. Working extensively with loop pedals and avant-garde guitar techniques set him in a league of his own. With haunting vocals that weave between a sultry tenor and an angelic falsetto, Levi Weaver is a true pioneer of a genre that can easily stagnate. Check out his cover of Radiohead’s “Idioteque” here.

AJ and the Jiggawatts

            Taking their name from a Back to the Future reference, this bands sound is a delorean ride back to an era where Motown ruled the airwaves. Being the most recent artist signed to the local buzz label, GED Soul, these guys know how to bring down the house with their trademarked vintage soul rhythm section and howling horn section. Check out their lo-fi video for the track “Don’t Mess With Me” on Music City Shakedown.


Gavin Shea 

If you saw Gavin Shea’s interview on Critter’s Galaxy, you would know that this former Lightning 100 artist of the week is not only a fantastic Michael Caine impersonator, but a promising up-and-comer as well. His Alive and Well EP generated quite a lot of buzz upon its release, and for good reason. If Gavin continues on his current trajectory, we should see him become one of Nashville’s heavy hitters in the not so distance future.


Guthrie Brown

Being only 19 years old, Guthrie Brown is technically not even old enough to attend the Miller Made Music Showcase. But don’t let his age fool you; this fresh face on the scene is the real deal. He has already opened up for huge national artists like The Lumineers and The North Mississippi Allstars. After moving from Montana to Nashville, Guthrie has been on an even faster track to success.

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