Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden

Listen to The 615 at 100.1 FM or Lightning100.com at 6:15 P.M. or catch the broadcast live at William Collier’s in Marathon Village. Tonight Wells and Hammel debut Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden new song “Island of the Misfit” Take a look at their video for “Blue Hotel” here it was featured in The Nashville Indie Spotlight and was directed by Tyler Evans!


the615 3/05/13

Episode35. the615 3/05/13

SXSW Send off Winner
Protomen– The Hounds

Music City Mayhem Battle
Kim Logan– Gentleman
VITEK– Songbird

Featured Guest this week: Great Peacock
Great Peacock Live:
Great Peacock – Desert Lark- From the debut record Great Peacock

Great Peacock’s picks
1. Korean Is Asian – Don’t Let Me Go – Korean Is Asian
2. Derek Hoke – Lonely Street- Waiting All Night

This Just In
Milktooth – Eye’s That Say I Love You – Beck’s Song Music– W/ Alanna Royale, Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes, Lindsay Johns of Nudity, Regan Lorraine, Levi Weaver
Bear In The Campsite – Hand I’ve Got – Memory Palace


Luella & The Sun…

These guys are going to be chased by every music industry entity in 2013…

Luella & The Sun – Light In The Sky


The 615 debuts on 7/10

Lightning 100 is proud to announce on 7/10/12 will be the world premiere of The 615 featuring Justin Hammel and Wells Adams.  The 615 is a local show exposing some of Nashville’s hidden gems and new music.  Click here to submit your band to The 615.

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