The Dreaded Laramie “Where’s My Crystal Ball?” – Local Artist of the Week


Lightning 100 announces The Dreaded Laramie as our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week! “Where’s My Crystal Ball?” is the title track from their latest EP.

The Dreaded Laramie trio has been shaking up Nashville with its glam-easy-core rock since 2019. Playing around the country, the band has gained fans on every coastline. Their unique sound has influences of Midwest punk, 90’s alt-rock, and several waves of emo music, allowing them to connect with a wide audience.

Where’s My Crystal Ball EP is part of The Dreaded Laramie’s highly anticipated album Feedback Princess, coming out June 5th.

In this project, lead singer and guitarist, MC Cunningham sounds powerfully ethereal, reminiscent of early Gwen Stefani in No Doubt. The drums are high-energy and give electric support to fervent melodic riffs, blended with a sonorous bass. This album was completely produced and mixed by Grammy-winning engineer David Schiffman (PUP, Weezer, System of a Down), allowing them to refine their sound.

The Dreaded Laramie will celebrate the release of the Princess Feedback album on Saturday, 6/29 at the OG Basement. Get tickets here!

Listen to “Where’s My Crystal Ball?” below.

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