Moe Mummy, Moe Goblins

Mo’ money, mo’ problems? Not during the spookiest time of year! Halloween is here and Moe is coming to haunt the Ryman for a scare-tastic show! Lightning 100 will be doing a thriller of a promotion for ticket gives where listeners can go to our website and submit their own REAL LIFE ghost stories! Has someone seen a scary figure in an old house or even hilariously thought ketchup on a wall was blood? We want to hear your stories from creepy to funny and the winners will get tickets to the astounding MOE show on October 27th!   Post your story below and you might just win!


Metric Unplugged

Here is a nice treat via of Metric performing a live acoustic session.  Hope you enjoy and remember she will be at Ryman Auditorium on September 13th.  Get your tickets at our concert calendar.


How Come You Always Go There

OFFICIAL RULES                                             SUBMIT PHOTO                                             BUY TICKETS

How would you like to score front row tickets for the sure to be sold out Feist concert at the Ryman Auditorium on May 1st?  Feists new hit song is called…”How Come You Never Go There”, but Lightning 100 is asking, “How Come You Always Go There?”

Lightning 100 has been traveling around town, placing Feist posters in some of our favorite local businesses.  Then, head on over to one of these great Nashville businesses and snap a quick photo of yourself with the poster, post the picture to Lightning 100’s Facebook Page and get your friends to “like” it on Lightning 100’s official Facebook album “How Come You Always Go There Contest“.  Where are the posters?

Can’t make it to the business?  Click here to download the image.

We have tickets in the 1st 5 rows at the Ryman, so you have a great chance of winning! The deadline for this contest is Thursday at noon and the winner will be announced on Friday at 10am(CST).  Tickets are on sale on Friday at 10am(CST).


The Flaming Lips Presale!

Lightning 100 Presents The Flaming Lips to the Ryman Auditorium on May 18th.  Tickets officially go on sale on Friday at 10am.  Lightning 100 has your hookup for the presale! The secret code is “yoshimi.”  Click here to grab your tickets 1st!


Paul McDonald of The Grand Magnolias on American Idol

You may have recognized some Nashville faces on the most recent episode of American Idol.  Lead singer of The Grand Magnolias, Paul McDonald impressed the judges enough to send him to Hollywood.  We were first introduced to the band as Hightide Blues in 2010 when they won our Music City Mayhem tournament, competing against 32 local bands.  You heard Lightning100 playing their song “Dreaming Alone” last summer.  In May we hungout with Hightide Blues at the 2010 Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama. (Check out Lightning100’s video of the boys playing their song “Let It Roll” on the beach after their great show at the Hangout Fest below.) Since moving from Auburn, Alabama in 2009 and relocating to East Nashville, the band has seen meteoric success.  In the fall of 2010 Hightide Blues played Lightning 100’s Live On The Green concert series alongside Five For Fighting and Tonic.  (Below is our video of Hightide Blues in the Lightning 100 studio and on the Live On The Green stage.)  After Live On The Green, Hightide Blues officially changed their name to Grand Magnolias.  Under the new name, the boys played one of our Miller Made Music Showcases.(Lightning100’s video of that performance is also below.)  Another video we have of The Grand Magnolias is of them performing a  new song called “American Dreams” in the MikTek studio down the hall from the Lightning100 offices.  We are  excited at Lighting100 to have an artist from a band we have been behind for some time to receive national acclaim on American Idol.  When Paul does win, it will be nice to say…”Told you so..”


Cake at Ryman

Cake @ Ryman 1/20/11

Click here to see more photos from the show!

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