On Tap preview for Blackfoot Gypsies, Stag O Lee, and The DanBerrys

on-tap-smallHere at Lightning 100 we love to introduce you to new local music, and if we can present the music for free, well that just makes us feel all tingly inside. This Thursday at The Tin Roof our On Tap Showcase is featuring Blackfoot Gypsies, Stag O Lee, and The DanBerrys. Doors to The Tin Roof are open all day and the show starts at 8pm. So come on down to The Tin Roof and keep it local with your music and your beer by grabbing something cold and frosty

Blackfoot Gypsies

An eclectic mix of all things American this two-piece Nashville band vows that when it comes to their live shows, “No one leaves the same as they came before.” Their latest full-length effort On The Loose has been described as, “An audible postcard decorated with imaginary buffalo stamps.” This is what Nashville is all about y’all come on down and celebrate some good old American music with Lightning 100 and Blackfoot Gypsies.

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The Danberrys

Song: Shady Grove
Album: Company Store E.P.
Air Date: 7/25/11
Playing Live:
7/25 Mercy Lounge
7/29 The Basement
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