the615 – 4/19/20


This week on the615 Casey kicks it off with another Music City Mayhem matchup, make sure to tune in to our live stream finale April 29th on to vote for our 2021 champion. You’ll also hear a track from our new Local Artist of the Week, Marquee Mayfield, as well as Sean Della Croce, Toy Dinosaur, Gatlin, and Tophouse. Tune in every Monday and Saturday from 6pm to 8pm for the615!  Special thanks to our sponsors Zero to 60 by AGD!

  • Gabrielle Grace – We’ll Be Alright (Music City Mayhem Matchup)
  • Palm Ghosts – Wide Awake and Waiting (Music City Mayhem Matchup)
  • Nick Noon – Don’t Let The Papers Get You Down
  • Marquee Mayfield – Disco Queen (Local Artist of the Week)
  • Lore – Gifts of Destruction and Disorder
  • Notelle – Sufjan Stevens
  • Sean Della Croce – Catharine Street
  • Bre Kennedy – Progress
  • Manny Blu – Train
  • Toy Dinosaur – Security Theater
  • Sam Bush – Play By Your Own Rules
  • Leah Nobel – The Ones That Make It
  • Vinnie Paolizzi – Gold Rush
  • Elizabeth Cook – Perfect Girls of Pop
  • John Salaway – One More Round
  • Juliet Hawkins – Rollercoaster
  • Lilly Hiatt – Brightest Star
  • The Danberrys – The Mountain
  • The Shindellas – Money
  • Gatlin – What If I Love You
  • The Foxies – Screws
  • Eagle Johnson and the Clean Machine – All My Friends
  • Voltagehawk – Straight Razor
  • The Untamed – Run, Tell The Children
  • Tophouse – Vanity


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