The Untamed: Local Artist of the Week

The Untamed Press Photo

The Untamed, a local gem of Nashville, has been releasing music since 2009. The quartet just released their single “Run Tell the Children!”

The band captures a 70’s vibe in their sound that really pulls you in and makes it easy to let loose and have fun while listening to their music. A local film student at Lipscomb University noticed their free spirited, retro sound and decided to use The Untamed as the focus of one of her film projects. You can check out the film made at a local live show for the band on The Untamed’s instagram.

On the band’s Facebook page they posted about how they have been ‘itching’ to play live again and have not had the chance to due to COVID-19. Taking it upon themselves, the band decided to record some songs that guide and influence the band. The Untamed credits Tina Turner as one of the band’s biggest musical influences, guiding them sonically as well as lyrically.

On the band’s website, they have about a forty minute long video posted called “The Lockdown Sessions.” We totally recommend checking it out, as it features some great candid video of the band jamming out together. There is even a virtual cover suggestion if you are interesting in donating to the band.

Check out “The Untamed’s” new track “Run Tell the Children!” Tune in all week long to hear “Run Tell the Children!” as we feature The Untamed as our Local Artist of the Week. Catch it live on-air at 100.1 FM or streaming live at