JT Loux “Makes Me Happy” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


This week for Dan’s DJ Pick we have JT Loux with “Makes Me Happy”.

JT Loux is a Nashville local artist who started the project, named after himself, in 2020. The other members include Zach Cook on drums/backup vocals and Ethan Pecha on bass & backup vocals.

Since 2020, the group has been consistently delivering singles and music to their fans. The 2024 “Makes Me Happy” single is the band’s second single this year, following “look into my eyes” which just dropped in March of this year.

The band really nails the new-age folk/alt/indie mashup that has been taking the industry by storm. They are a little more rock and roll than your average east-side boyband, with meaty guitar riffs and powerful breakdown sections. With similarities to bands such as the Backseat Lovers, The Doors, Visita Kicks, and the moss it is easy to understand why people were quick to fall in love with their sound.

“Makes Me Happy” has dreamy beach-rock vibes that are perfect for the summer. Although the instrumentals are quite bright and energized, the lyrics hold a much more melancholy connotation. Loux is repeatedly asking, even begging, over and over again for something that makes him happy. The contrast makes the song captivating and worth listening to over and over again.

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