Music City Mayhem Champs Lulu Mae 2013


Lightning 100 is proud to announce that Lulu Mae is the 2013 Music City Mayhem Champ!   The band will receive heavy airplay on 100.1 FM, recording time at WELCOME TO 1979, snare drum from Fork’s Drum Closet Nashville, promotional package for NTS Promedia, and a slot at Live On the Green!  Thanks to Ovation Awards & Engraving for the trophy!

Music City Mayhem winners Lulu Mae are getting ready for their big debut as the first announced band in this year’s Live on the Green lineup. Having this Nashville-annual festival looming ahead, they are feeling both anticipation and excitement.

We are looking forward to playing to such a huge group of new people. We are nervous about playing to such a huge group of new people… But seriously, we cannot wait. Every show we play is so much fun because we love playing music with and to each other, and we’re so grateful that we get to share that fun with an enormous, mostly brand new crowd. Hopefully, we make some new fans and friends in the process. (Ben)

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  1. Wow, HUGE congratulations to Lulu Mae! Have really enjoyed following and listening to y’all. Can’t wait to see you at Live On The Green!

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