Introducing Pete Culver: Lightning 100’s Doggy DJ


Written by Pete the Dog (transcribed by adoring interns)

Hello friends, my name is Pete! You might have heard me on the radio before, I used to sing along on the Lightning Bugs show as a special guest. You also might know my dad, Adam, from the morning show!

He brings me to work sometimes and I’m a bit of a celebrity around here. The interns have made me their leader -er, I mean, mascot- and everyone around the office loves me, especially the lucky musicians that get to hang out with me during their interviews. Sadly, I don’t get to meet that many of my fans (that’s you guys) so here is a little look into my life as Lightning 100’s favorite furry friend!

I usually start the morning by taking a few laps around the office, just to get my zoomies out! If I’m all tuckered out after that then I’ll take a quick nap in my office (Stephanie also uses the office for sound production but we both know it’s actually mine), so I can be wide awake for interviews on the morning show. Last week Andrew Leahey came to hang out with me which was a blast! I know it can be overwhelming for some people to be in the presence of such a star, but I think Andrew handled it pretty well and kept it cool when we were hanging out.

When I’m not snuggling with stars like Andrew, you can also catch me on the floor just doing routine maintenance on the station. I really am the backbone of this institution. If Adam and Jay are having too much fun I’ll also tap in and take over the board. It can be a little hard to push all the buttons with my short arms and lack of opposable thumbs but that’s not stopping me!