Jade Bird’s Birthday Performance, Live In Studio


One of Lightning 100’s favorite artists of 2019 came by the studio with a lot to celebrate. Last time we saw her was at the Americana Awards where she was nominated for emerging act of the year. Today she was grinning ear-to-ear, eager to play her sold out show at the Basement East.

Her first show at the Basement East two years ago.

The birthday girl warms up our audience with the opening track, “Ruins” before reminiscing about her past year. She humbly describes it as “a year of good company.” Jade Bird may not be the type to brag about her success, but she has so much more credit due than she’s willing to accept. From receiving a standing ovation at her Grand Ole Opry debut to charting at the top for her recent album release, she built a lot of prestige in the americana industry in 2019. We’re so happy she makes time to play for us, especially on her birthday.

Jade Bird introduces her next song as, “a bit more of a rocker- it’s called Uh Huh.” After the song’s ending and the applauding fades, she admits that her radio debut was with Lightning 100 back in 2017! You can find that audio here. It is always an honor to introduce Nashville to the next big names in music.

Americana’s latest star doesn’t take a day off, she’s in our offices on her birthday and is already working on her next project. In conversation with Dan, she shares all the details on her next album. We can’t wait to get our hands on it! Stay tuned to 100.1 FM to keep up-to-date with her latest releases.

Soon enough, her fingers begin to pluck the familiar melody to “I Get No Joy.” Several phones immediately pop out to record this exclusive performance. Everyone’s mouth mimicked hers, as the audience knew every word. Her performance was incredible, but don’t take our word for it, listen below! You can also see her full performance on our Facebook page from our live stream coverage.

While listening, you can also hear all the details about her upcoming album and learn the amusing concentration song that she came up with while performing on live TV. It’s a real treat.

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Written By: Delaney Fanning