Everybody Rise- Amy Shark: DJ Pick of the Week

Amy Shark Press Photo
Amy Shark Press Photo Via theindustryobserver.com

Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week! 

Today’s DJ Pick comes from Australian songstress, Amy Shark. Aptly named after her love for the movie Jaws, Shark has been on the music scene for a while. Her music blends electronica and pop with her soulful voice to create a captivating sound all her own. Her 2018 album, Love Monster, was an absolute hit from start to finish. This record highlighted the range of Shark. She has an incredible voice and a crazy talent for blending multiple genres, but familiar enough for any music fanatic.

Now, Shark is back with a new single, “Everybody Rise.” This ballad mixes her smooth spoken-word vocal stylings with catchy electronica beats. Shark always delivers a powerful message in each of her songs. Whether she is talking about love, loss, anxiety, or the pressures of modern society, her lyrics resonate with listeners. Each song, no matter how catchy, has a powerful meaning that is not only inspiring but infectious. 


Everybody Rise is about unrequited love, and if this song cuts deep with you, please remember I’m marching with you,” says Shark.

Back when COVID-19 first hit the U.S. with a vengeance in March, Shark was right here in Nashville filming the music video for this single. She shared all the same feelings of panic and anxiety we had during this time and this detail makes the video resonate much more closely. Her persistence to create beautiful art is so inspirational and makes this release even more moving.

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Written by: Madison Sharp