Ben Kweller – “Just For Kids”: DJ Pick of the Week


With the closing of 2020, indie rock artist Ben Kweller released his latest album Circuit Boredom. One of the softer tracks on his new album is “Just For Kids”. The song was originally recorded and released in 2019 by Modern Love Story. Founder Jonny Shane cowrote with Kweller and released the track on the album MLC.

Kweller’s version of the track on Circuit Boredom is a more mellow take on “Just For Kids”. This love song has a soft indie beat accompanied by acoustic guitar melodies. The track follows 2 people driving along the Pacific Coast Highways under the California stars, where they ultimately fall in love. “Falling in love ain’t just for kids,” Kweller sings, it’s a great reminder that love is ageless.

From 90s punk to Americana, Kweller has a diverse musical background that began as a young kid in Texas. After spending most of the 90s with punk band Radish, Kweller moved to New York to jumpstart his solo career. After gaining support by ATO Records, he put out his first solo album Sha Sha in 2002.

In 2003, Kweller collaborated with Ben Folds and Ben Lee in folk-rock trio, The Bens. Shortly after, his vocals were featured on a Guster album, and the following year he co-headlined with Death Cab For Cutie. Whether you’re a tried & true Kweller fan or you’re just discovering him, theres something for everyone in his discography. Indie rock Circuit Boredom is his fifth studio album out now. Be sure to check it out and listen to “Just For Kids” below.

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