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Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

Sarah Jarosz became a three time Grammy Award-winner at the young age of 28. With her captivating voice and richly detailed songwriting, we honestly are not surprised. If you don’t know the Texas native from her classic country solo work, then you might know her from the folk trio I’m With Her. If you’ve been a loyal listener of our station, then you’ve probably heard us spin “I-89” or “See You Around.” If you’re a new listener, welcome! We love Sarah Jarosz, but we love her newest album World On The Ground even more. 

“Johnny” is the fourth track on Jarosz’s latest album, released at the beginning of June. The album unfolds a finely told story of the musician’s small hometown of Wimberley, Texas. It is clear that “Johnny” was written by Jarosz with a large emotional scope. The song, and the album as a whole, explores the tension of small-town living: both the desire to escape and the comfortable ease of staying put. I think it’s fair to assume that we’ve all faced this problem in some form or another, and that’s what makes Sarosz’s album World On The Ground so hauntingly, but beautifully, familiar. 

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Written by Cate Burgan


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