More Mayhem: Oddnote


In a city full of country and indie music, rock band Oddnote stands out to be a part of Lightning 100’s Elite 8 round of our twelfth annual Music City Mayhem. The band’s punk track “My Little Lady” will be spun on air throughout the day on August 10, and voters will have the chance to advance them to the Final 4. Since artists don’t have the opportunity to perform for a live audience this year, Lightning 100 sat down with Oddnote to help voters get a more intimate look at the band. 

Arman Asadsangab started Oddnote just three years ago as an undergraduate student at Belmont University in the heart of Nashville. Asadsangab released his first full length album with 15 tracks back in 2018 with help from a couple of friends and a garage as a makeshift recording studio. “The band has been ever-changing,” said Asadsangab in regards to Oddnote’s “members.” With each album, Oddnote has had different musicians, resulting in different sounds. Asadsangab believes that the band members he recruited a couple of months ago are here to stay. “We’ve all put our souls into it. All our energy and love and everything we think is right in the world.” 

Asadsangab mentioned that his first album, Oddnote, created a lot of self-doubt surrounding his music. That’s why his 2020 EP release of Extended Play has been so important to him and his career. “This EP gave me all the confidence I needed in myself and Oddnote, and it made me very proud of what I created. It’s just a fun EP and I love it.”

Asadsangab graduated Belmont this Spring, and is now ready to release a new album with Oddnote. “We’ve taken a step back, and the songs are a lot different. We have a very political album being made right now. Definitely a different vibe coming.” Every one of Oddnote’s songs since Extended Play have been recorded at Battle Tapes in Nashville which makes Asadsangab feel closer to one of his top three music inspirations, Cage The Elephant

We have a lot to look forward to with Oddnote, and they’re just getting started. This young band has a lot to say, and we’re here to listen. Oddnote is releasing a new single this week, on August 14th, with a new EP and an album to follow. Asadsangab said this new music will be “introspective” and “speaking on human nature” in hopes that more fans will click with the songs. 

With that, Oddnote left some final thoughts for his voters in the Elite 8 round: “Vote for whoever you want and enjoy it. Lightning 100 and Live on the Green are awesome, and we don’t care if we win or lose, we’re just happy to be in it.” 

Make sure to tune in all day to 100.1 FM or online on August 10 to hear Oddnote’s “My Little Lady” in heavy rotation, and don’t forget to cast your vote for the Final 4!

Written by Cate Burgan