Only One – Phantom Planet: DJ Pick of the Week

Phantom Planet

Rev. Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week

Phantom Planet has been on the airwaves for nearly 25 years, and this year they’ve brought us their fifth album Devastator. This four piece took a decade long break after helping to define the early 2000s music landscape. But Phantom Planet is officially back, and we’re so excited to be featuring their song “Only One.” 

“Only One” is the third track off of Devastator, and gives off very smooth and upbeat vibes. The alt-rock band’s member Alex Greenwald said “Loneliness can kill you, so I wanted to create a song where listeners could sing along together to move past such a feeling.” This song is perfect for those lonely nights in quarantine . . . especially because you can actually dance to it like nobody’s watching! 

Tune into 100.1 FM or to hear “Only One” by Phantom Planet featured as my DJ Pick of the Week. We want to hear your thoughts, too! Tweet at us with #L100DJPick to tell us if we should keep spinning the record.

Written by Cate Burgan