Perfect Girls of Pop – Elizabeth Cook: DJ Pick of the Week

Elizabeth Cook Aftermath
Elizabeth Cook Aftermath

Keith Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week!

Rev ends the week with “Perfect Girls of Pop,” a track by Elizabeth Cook. Rolling Stone refers to the track as “jangling pop.” The song is a single released for her upcoming album, produced by Butch Walker, “Aftermath” which will release September 11th. Her new album release will be songs written about loss or struggle. Cook writes about the struggle of being an outsider, and the way she is hurt along her journey.

The track has a soft 80’s feel and is an anthem for girls going through anything unknown to them. Elizabeth Cook also throws in a fun classy, yet country style with a sequined cowgirl style bodysuit. Her spunky fit really adds to the tune.

On Elizabeth Cook’s Instagram, she shared part of her experience of the loss of her mother twelve years ago, and how her passing led her to the creation of her music, and particularly her new upcoming album “Aftermath.” She shares her experience of holding her mother’s hand in the hospital as she passed. Cook will be kicking off her “party” today with her track “Perfect Girls of Pop” and will be releasing a series of new songs in the near future.

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written by Clara Lueckenhoff