Stacey Randol: Local Artist of the Week

Stacey Randol

Stacey Randol has been releasing music from Nashville since 2011 with her first album Steady Rhythm. Then again in 2014 she gave us Fables, and then Songs in the Soil in 2019. Now it’s 2020 and she’s got another new single for us. Fans and listeners have gone as far to say that Randol is Nashville’s very own Fleetwood Mac or Brandi Carlile. While her newest song does embrace these types of sounds and lyrics, we think that Chuck Daughin from Music News Nashville put it perfectly when he said “I don’t really know how to categorize this music–other than simply say it’s good. It’s a little bit of everything stylistically, and will keep you guessing what is coming next from track to track.”

“Alone in My Room” sounds completely different from Randol’s album last year, and the album before that, and the album before that. But that’s what makes it so good! Randol is able to do whatever she wants with her music and it is still beautifully and uniquely her own. 

“Alone in My Room,” like a lot of recent music, seems like it was an idea born from being stuck in quarantine.

“Like a ghost I’m trapped inside / Haunted dreams with no way out / Crack a window killing time / Feeling strange here by myself” 

Randol’s newest single pretty much speaks for everyone around the world. One listener even said that the song makes her feel like she’s “not the only one trapped in this madness.” Aside from the global relatability of the lyrics, the instrumentals in “Alone in My Room” are amazing! Randol’s singing only lasts for about two minutes of the song, but the song continues to hold your attention. The other two minutes are a pared down, very catchy keyboard tune with soft drums in the background. The mixture of Randol’s soft singing and the catchy beat makes for the perfect go-to song to lift up your spirits during these lonely times. 

Tune in all week long to hear “Alone in My Room” as we feature Stacey Randol as our Local Artist of the Week. Catch it live on-air at 100.1FM on your dial or streaming live at

Written by Cate Burgan