The Ceiling – Lewis Del Mar: DJ Pick of the Week

Lewis Del Mar Press Photo
Lewis Del Mar Press Photo

Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week!

This week Stephanie goes with “The Ceiling,” a track by Lewis Del Mar that just dropped this May, after their four year hiatus. This fun, edgy jam has a very unique and intriguing music video. It is full of different abstract graphics meshing together with a lot of movement and heavy color changes. You can tell the band is really getting to express themselves through this video, shot over a fourteen hour take in the middle of quarantine. The artists used inkjet film and scanned it over each frame, one by one.

We are excited to see what all is in store with their upcoming album, August, that will be released August 21st, 2020. The duo Danny Miller and Max Harwood found great success in 2015 with their song “Loud(y).” With this success, they became burned out and dealt with writer’s block. Their new track “The Ceiling” is about when the duo did not have everything figured out, and symbolizes rebirth and growth of their music.

In an interview with Pond Magazine, the pair describes their relationship as an “audiovisual partnership.” In the interview, they go into detail of how their album reflects the chaos that striked in March this year with Coronavirus, as well as voicing the truths and realizations we have since had, amidst the worldly chaos.

Check out this inspiring music video at the link below!

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written by Clara Lueckenhoff