Acid Tongue feat. Calvin Love – “All Out of Time”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert


The rock single, “All Out of Time,” from Acid Tongue and Calvin Love is hot and ready for your radio! They say some of the greatest rock bands come from the West Coast, and Seattle-born Acid Tongue is no exception. If you miss post-punk, grunge of 90s and 00s, the pinnacle age of Nirvana and blink-182 are not far behind!

Acid Tongue is a band similar to both Weezer and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. From easy-going indie rock riffs to sudden deep dives into punk, they take us back to 90s California summer nights. Foundering members Guy Keltner and Ian Cunningham started in 2015 and have since toured and recorded globally. The charm of past albums are not only soulful and emotional, but energetic and raw like true understated indie rock. The band’s latest single blessed our radios last month. “All Out of Time” is a collaboration with the low-key, melodious solo artist Calvin Love.

Calvin Love has always been a softer indie rock musician who almost seems out of place in the modern world. Love possesses the power to hypnotize his audience into a harmonious side-to-side sway. The Canadian artist’s storytelling guitar is a mellow journey back in time to the earliest days of rock. Mesh this indie artist with the rock band, and the audience takes on a whole new motion. The vibe is worthy of a head-bop, so roll down your windows as you cruise to “All Out of Time”. Listen to Acid Tongue here below or on Lightning 100!

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