Alex Rahal – “Sometimes”: DJ Pick of the Week


Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week is the exclusive single “Sometimes” from East Nashville local Alex Rahal. “Sometimes” comes off Rahal’s debut solo album “Restless,” an album that was brought to life during a time of uncertainty.

Some may know Rahal as the co-founder of the band Them Vibes. As the principal songwriter for the band, Rahal isn’t new to the business. During 2020, when it was uncertain what the future of music would be, Rahal did what he knows best. He spent that time of solitude writing, creating songs like “Sometimes” to survive the mundane year. After some sense of normalcy starting to come back, Rahal recounts on how songwriting saved his life.

“It’s a lifeline where I can dive into the depths of myself and the world around me, and still surface to sing what I’ve seen.”

Alex Rahal

The soft indie hit “Sometimes” combines genres of rock, funk, Americana, and country. With lyrics like “I’m finally out of the darkness,” Rahal express his truest self through the single. He lets listeners into his experience and how he faced the challenges ahead of him.

One aspect that Rahal found to be incredibly important with this album is how it is streamed. As a result of ongoing issues regarding how artists are paid for their music on streaming platforms, Rahal decided he wouldn’t be putting the album on them. Before entering Alex Rahal’s website, users are greeted with a page explaining he wanted to create a place specifically for the listener.

A place where there is no middle man between the art and the collector. The power of music is real; it continues to heal, save and change the world. The feeling music gives us cannot be bought, but I believe music itself deserves to be.

Alex Rahal

Thus, listeners can purchase the album directly from his website and enter a password to listen. Rahal’s love for music and the experience listeners get from it shines through with this new tactic.

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