Allison Ponthier – “Harshest Critic”: DJ Pick of the Week


Last month Allison Ponthier dropped her new dreamy folk single “Harshest Critic”. Ponthier is a red-head, Dallas-born country musician with a dreamy voice like Musgraves and an appreciation for 60s aesthetics. In her latest music video, she looks in the mirror and questions “Who’s the harshest critic in the room?” 

Ponthier’s unique artistic expression is like a pleasant, 60s fever-dream. In the video for “Cowboy”, Ponthier is a UFO strumming her guitar in the Wild West. Also seen in her collaboration with Lord Huron and her new music video, the visuals are something out of the Twilight Zone. As a young outcast in a small conservative town, the singer-songwriter writes about feeling like an alien with her queer sexuality. Her coming-out story was a long, intimating journey. Ponthier chooses to write honest music about her story that comes from the heart. This can be felt in “Harshest Critic”.

Ponthier goes into detail about this latest single. “It ended up being a song about how, when you’re an artist, everything feels like life or death. But in reality, it’s your happiness and who you are as a person that really matters. You might as well enjoy the ride because no one’s ever going to be as hard on you as you are”. The lull of the gentle acoustic with Ponthier’s sweet vocals is a vulnerable account of her inner emotions and fears. The world is ready to criticize everything she does, however, Ponthier chooses to seek what is more meaningful. Most importantly, she chooses self-acceptance and to love herself.

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