Arlie – “Karma”: DJ Pick of the Week

Photo by Gabe Ruckus

After months of heavy anticipation, Arlie made a triumphant return last week with their new single “Karma.” After a couple years without new music, we’re glad they’re back — without them, all our summer playlists have felt like they’ve been missing something. We’ll be spinning “Karma” all day as Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week! 

In “Karma,” Arlie makes a good case for bolstering the pit when their live shows return. According to the band, it’s the most “Warped-Tour-mosh-pit-ready song” on their upcoming album. It starts off with the same infectiously melodic, guitar-filled verses they’re known for, but then it crescendos into a soundscape filled with chaos. By the end of the song, the vocals are auto-tuned and the instruments are distorted. Because of this dynamic evolution and bright melody, “Karma” stands out from the rest.

Arlie took the stage at Live on the Green in 2018 before moving on to play Sloss Fest, Forecastle, and Bonnaroo (where Jayson interviewed them backstage! Check it out here). They’ve toured with bands like Coin, Briston Maroney, and Mt. Joy, and they will open for Dayglow in a can’t-miss set at the Brooklyn Bowl in October. After the exponential growth they experienced in the past, we’re sure 2021 will be a big year for them. 

The music video for the song dropped the day after the song’s release. “It’s about a pregnancy scare at the breaking point in an already stormy relationship, and finding a powerful love there in the midst of that,” says the band. In it, a couple runs from their problems and, instead, turn to the things that hold them together: the closeness of skateboarding down an empty street, hand-in-hand, or the rush of dressing up in elaborate costumes (think monochromatic white suits, bolo ties, and a chunky string of pearls) and diving into an abandoned pool. Check it out below: 

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