Bob Schneider – “I Love This Life”: DJ Pick of the Week


Last month, singer-songwriter Bob Schneider performed his new single “I Love This Life” live on the Rachel Ray Show. Bob Schneider is an Austin, Texas-based musicians who has had an active presence in the industry since the 90s. The upbeat single he released in May has earned him the spot as Rev’s DJ Pick of this week!

Schneider’s career began in the 90s while a university student with the rock band Joe Rockhead. Following his departure from university, Schneider became the lead singer for Ugly Americans. The 90s roots band toured with successful acts Dave Matthews Band and Big Head Todd & the Monsters before disbanding. Subsequently, Schneider went on to cofound The Scabs before eventually beginning his solo career under the name “Lonelyland” in 1999.

Similar to fellow artists Pete Yorn and Beck, Schneider is a versatile musician who has produced and explored genres like rock, funk, indie, and folk. As the most influential Austin artist, Schneider has rightfully earned over 50 Austin Music Awards since 1992. He has produced and released over a dozen albums. While music has become his primary passion and career, he has a number of creative outlets. In addition to performing and composing, Schneider creates visual art that is displayed in galleries, writes poetry, and started his own podcast.

Bob Schneider’s “I Love This Life” is a refreshing reminder that love is the most important and beautiful thing in life. “I love this life and everything in it. I love this love and I just wanna give it,” he sings in the chorus. In this single, Schneider confesses what we can all relate to. The struggles of life can make us want to “build a wall” around our hearts, but strength comes from authenticity. In the hard times, it is spreading love and a smile that makes life worth living. The easygoing, genuine acoustic single encourages us to seek fulfillment and gratitude through love. We look forward to his upcoming album In a Roomful of Blood With a Sleeping Tiger. Be sure to check out “I Love This Life” below:

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